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How to segment by user having some custom variable value *for a while*

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Hi All


We have a service that lets you edit images and we are about to try a new editor version that is supposed to demonstrate the service value better and encourage free users to upgrade more.


So I've set up a goal /editor -> /thankYouForSubscribe

I can segment by the editor variation via custom variables, but how do I segment by people visiting /editor while being on a free plan only?


Setting up a current variable for the current plan seems to be logical, yet immediately after payment it will switch from "free" to "premium" or something like that. How will it effect the segmenting?


If I segment by customVariable value being exactly "free", will I see people who were seen on "free" at least once (and possibly changed to "premium" later) or only people who were on a "free" plan and are on a "free" plan until now?


Best regards,


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Re: How to segment by user having some custom variable value *for a while*

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First you are using the term custom variable but have you migrated to custom dimensions? If not do so via Universal Analytics.

In your case it really depends on the scope. That is hit, session or user. Session or User would overwrite the data where hit does not. So there are many ways to do this using custom variables. You could simply set an additional custom dimension on the hit level for the "editor" page that flags their current standing and compare to their overarching status. You also may want to mix in some dimensions for date stamps to set when they signed up for free, premium etc. If log-ins are used I suggest userId and you may also want to look at using data import as well.

Resources for you:

Custom Dimensions:


Data import Guide for CRM:

Hope that helps...


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Re: How to segment by user having some custom variable value *for a while*

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Hi Artem,

as long as you passed the Premium value to a CD it will then be available for segmenting so in your case if you query All Users with CD / CV matching value Premium you will get users on premium. As the segment will actually go through all the sessions of the users inside the time range it will give you results depending on the scope of the CD / CV.

For instance - case Custom Dimension Session scope - a user comes to the site and the CD is set as Free for that specific session. Once the user pays inside that session the CD value is then set and sent as Premium. If you create a segment which says all users with CD value Free Session will be 0 and Users will be 0 and if you query for Premium Users will be 1 and sessions will be 1 in that case.

Hope it helps.

Kind regards,

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