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How to see behaviour flow and goals associated with a specific page?

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Hi there,


Hoping someone can help.


I am currently on the 'behaviour - content drilldown' page and it is great for seeing how well our individual blog posts are doing. I want to take this one step further and find out the number of goals associated with each. So those that visited that specific blog post, how many went on to apply for a job? (we are a recruitment agency) We already have a job application goal set up. Can I do this and how?


Also, is it possible to see the behaviour flow from an individual page so to see which pages were visited after the users visited our blog (not necessarily a individual blog post but where people go from our blog)? I tried going into 'behaviour flow' but I can't seem to work out how to narrow it down to those coming straight onto a blog post through our social media channels or those going to our blog through our homepage - basically anyone entering the blog and their journey? I know it may not be possible to see an individual's journey, I am more interested in finding out what number or percentage went on to apply or went on to homepage etc - without having to manually set up a funnel with every option manually set up.


Thanks in advance,