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How to get search trafic keywords even if I have an "https" website ?

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Hello guys,

I need help, I just found some stuff about it on the web but it doesn't convinced me.
I work for SoftFluent,  :
As you can see,  It's not an https website and I have some keywords ( see one attached files) except not provided and not set.
one.attached flies.png
How I set this keyword widget?
Just a table with Keyword/sessions.
We launched a new collaborative tool, RowShare,
This one is an "https" and, I have no infos about keywords.
I saw there is a link between "https" website and those infos on Google Analytics.
Do you know if SSL are only the reason?
Let me know if you know why or how to unlock those keywords.
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Re: How to get search trafic keywords even if I have an "https" website ?

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Depending on how new the page is, it might not be indexed which would also explain why you haven't received data yet. As for HTTPS, there are view settings in Analytics for HTTP or HTTPS which might be one thing to check to see if the traffic is getting filtered out of your Analytics reports.

I think the easiest way to access the keyword information is in the Search Console, or you can link Search Console to Google Analytics from the Admin Tab > Property > Product Linking. Once you are in the Search Console, go the Search Traffic on the left Navigation pane and select Search Analytics. This will display which Queries = Keywords created impressions or clicks.

Re: How to get search trafic keywords even if I have an "https" website ?

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Hi Miguel,

Really appreciate your help. The RowShare's website already exists since a year maybe and yes Google indexed it. Thank you for the Search Console, I did it too and as you say, I think, it's the easiest way to access the keyword information. I will try for the https' view, I think, it's the reason why I can have access or maybe the quantity of trafic.
Thanks a lot.