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How to create events for clicking a banner?

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I'm new here as you can probably see Smiley Happy


I hope someone could please help me with a simple question regarding creating an event. 

How can I create an event for tracking clicks on the banner in my clients homepage (see link).


A few more questions:

1. How do I create that event (clicking on the upper banner of the site - the one with all the cars)?

2. Where do I implement the tracking code? 

3. How do I see that event in GA ?


Many thanks,


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Re: How to create events for clicking a banner?

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I took a quick look at your site and you have google tag manager implemented.

This means you can use GTM to implement your events. You can either send an event to the data layer or use a trigger based on a page element to fire an event to GA.

You can find an overview of how to do the second suggestion here:

A click on the banner results in a element class being sent which equals item 'slidesjs-slide' for example. You could use this to trigger an event in GA. However, this is a bit fragile as if this element class occurs elsewhere then it could also accidently send events. You could filter it by only sending it from the start page.

Alternatively, you could ask a developer to set an event on clicks on that - which sends a GTM event which you can then create a GA event. Instructions here: (the part which describes onclick).

As always test first - GTM allows you test new events before you publish them.

John Wedderburn, Advertiser Community, Rising Star
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