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How to create Analytics funnel visualization for this scenario?

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I need to create a funnel visualization for below described website.


The website that has several pages to offer different services. For example:


1. Home cleaning services -

2. Office cleaning services -

3. Window cleaning services -


and few more services.


From main navigation menu, users can either choose to go to "Services" page ( or individual service page from the drop down. In addition to main menu, there is a services catalog in home page that leads to individual services pages. If user choose this, they will directly go to specific services page avoiding the services page.


From specific services page, it's usual path to make an inquiry. (xxx cleaning service-->Contact us-->Thank you).


I have single goal set up for the thank you page. How can I make funnel visualization for this scenario?



Re: How to create Analytics funnel visualization for this scenario?

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by default you can not specify funnel with multiple pages as single step since funnel step allows only one page. This is a real drawback of GA funnel

You can try create different goals for your Thank You page with different required steps for services pages and see if it fits you.

The other way is something less convenient. You can emulate virtual pageview with javascript with the same virtual location for services pages, kind of:

ga('set', 'page', '/service_page');
ga('send', 'pageview');


 and than set /service_page as a funnel step