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How to count sessions with at least one goal completion?

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Thank you for your time. I want to know the number of sessions with at least one goal completion. For example, I have two goals: goal-1 and goal-2, and 5 sessions. In the report I see four goal-1 completions and one goal-2 completion. In this case, how do I know whether I had four sessions completing goals and one of them completed two goals plus another session completing zero goals, or, five goals four of them completing goal-1 and one of them completing goal-2?


Let me know if i need qualify the question more. Thank you very much for your time.

Re: How to count sessions with at least one goal completion?

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Are the goals similar?
If (for example) they're all destination based, you can easily create a goal that covers any of them.

Alternatively you could potentially create some kind of segment, using OR conditions.