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How to Integrate User ID, Lead Generating Forms and Company Database/CRM

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Hi guys, 

I'm looking for some advice and confirmation on what I know (I may know nothing) regarding User IDs and better identifying them using a form on my website. 

So here is my scenario: 

User visits my site and fills in a form to do a demo. I collect their first name, email, mobile and company. I want to this information to assigned to their GA user ID. Problem is, I cannot store or send PPI to Google. 

Therefore, I have to somehow store this information on my server/database/CRM tool. 

My three questions are:

1) What is the best way of doing this (easy and user friendly)?

2) Will I then be able to match user IDs to what is stored on my server/database/CRM to accurately see a users activity and know exactly who it is?

3) Or, am I better off using something like Hubspot.

Dream scenario:

A new user comes to my site, fills out a form, gets a GA user ID and goes into my server/database/CRM. To see their activity in GA all I have to do this find the unique user ID in my system and match it in GA. 

Thoughts? Suggestions? Advice? 

Thanks in advance,


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Re: How to Integrate User ID, Lead Generating Forms and Company Database/CRM

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Hi ZinZan,

Either use the value of the client ID (also stored in the _ga cookie) as your id or create your own on the form page and pass it into GA.

Right now USER ID and or Client ID are only exposed int he user explorer report and not in the API so you will need to store this value (either the Client Id or a unique one that you create or get from your CRM as a custom dimension Then you can query the id in the custom dimension as you desire.

Lastly I would recommend using the data import feature to update the stages of the prospect in additional custom dimensions. That is when they become a customer, you can upload that information and then have it available in GA as well.


Theo Bennett
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Re: How to Integrate User ID, Lead Generating Forms and Company Database/CRM

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Top Contributor
Hey Zinzan,

Your situation is a little complicated since with what you're describing you only have a form to fill out and no 'user area'. Because there is no place for your visitors to login you would have to theoretically create a User ID for every visitor BEFORE they fill out the form and then when they do it could capture their data and you could later tie it to existing data in your CRM or server.

Perhaps you could theoretically create the User ID in a 'step 1' of your form and make it so they're signed in but in general User ID only applies when for users your website/system can authenticate.
Joshua, Top Contributor
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