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How to Get Destination Goal Tracking the Right Referrer Source?

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I have set up a destination goal that track a conversion every time someone get to my thank you page after submitting a form.


So i can see hits to my landing page coming from referrer 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 but the goals page show me only the actual referrers for the completed goals.


How can i manage to see in GA the stats of a specific landing page, with a list of the referrer traffic sources AND Goal conversion %??


If i go to the specific url page i can see the list of referrers but i can't see goal conversions %.


I'd like to know that i got 100 hits from the source1 and the goal % for that source.





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Re: How to Get Destination Goal Tracking the Right Referrer Source?

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Hi there.

As you've set the goal up as a destination goal then the standard acquisition reports should answer your last question i.e. how much traffic from source 1, and how many goal conversions.

For example, going to the source/medium report will show you the goal conversions for the different mediums, or sources, of traffic. You can even customise the tables to show number of goals, conversion % etc.
John Wedderburn, Advertiser Community, Rising Star
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