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How do I configure GTM to track only successful sign-ups on this site?

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Hi everyone, I am looking for some help on the following:


Given that I want to track successful sign-ups


When I set up in Google Tag Manager: Trigger type: Click - All Elements Trigger fires on: click classes contain "ht-app__form-submit"


Then my trigger fires any time someone hits the "Sign button" on this page


OK. However, now I only want to track the clicks where the sign-up was successful, so I want to "check validation" but this creates two questions for me:

  1. With trigger type "All Elements" you cannot enter a validation, but if I select the other option "Click - Just Links", then my Google Tag Manager debugger shows that my Tags are not firing anymore. So which event type do I need to set up in GTM?
  2. After I find the right event, what would be the correct "check validation" to enter to make sure only successful sign-ups are counted? Would it be Click URL with some value? Any insight in this would be much appreciated.

Somebody mentioned that I should select the trigger "form submit". Then check the box "check validation", but I already tried this. When I choose the trigger "form submit", the tag doesn't fire at all...


Who knows the way forward?




many thanks

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How do I configure GTM to track only successful sign-ups on this site?

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Hi Elco,


Form Submit is the right way to go but you have to have a normal form submission function or the trigger wont work. 


You can ask your developers to pass the value to the dataLayer after validation instead.  Or how about a good old fashioned thank you page?  or parameter in the URL?  Smiley Happy




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