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How can I tell if someone completing a goal visited a particular page?

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This popular discussion was copied from the former Help Forum, answered by Ishan Danda (Googler)


Question: Hello! Ok, so here is my requirement:


I have a destination goal set up on my Analytics account which works just fine when someone lands on the relevant page. What I want to know is whether or not people visit a particular page at any point during their session before completing the goal.


To clarify, let's say the goal is set on /page-10 and I get 50 completions within a 30 day period. What I want to know is how any of those 50 people saw /page-5 during their session before completing the goal. They may have gone from /page-5 to /page-6 or /page-7 or any other number of pages before eventually completing the goal but I am only interested in /page-5


In an ideal world I would set up a report that I could include in a dashboard that tells me how many completions I got and how many of those completions saw /page-5 during their session.


Is this even possible?


Answer: Thanks for your question. Please use the funnel, add /page-5  as step 1 and make it required. So only goals of users who visited page 5 will get recorded.

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Re: How can I tell if someone completing a goal visited a particular p

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Just to clarify for anyone who comes across this, the goal will be recorded regardless of the required first step. The required step applies only to the Funnel Visualization report and can't be used to set up a conditional goal.

Arnold Majlath, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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