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How can I see and compare various landing page version performance against each other?

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Hey all,  So I have a form with 8 different landing pages that are customized to the incoming traffic, they all resolve to one thank you page after they are submitted.


I'm trying to get one report or dashboard that will show me each of the landing pages performance including visits, time on page, bounce rate, and if they proceeded to the thank you page (goal conversion rate or just the number) which is currently setup as a goal.


I can see all those stats except the goal through behavior>site content>all pages, and using the pipe | in regex to limit the results to those 8 landing pages, but that doesn't show me if they converted. 


I can see which pages converted if I instead go to behavior>site content>all pages,  then only search for my thank you page and use previous path as a second dimension, but that doesn't show me all the previous page stats that I need? 


Basically I have everything I need in the two different setups, but not in one?   



I have also tried pulling this in with the spreadsheet tool. 


I have the following entered:

Last N Days7
DimensionsgaSmiley TongueagePath

gaSmiley TongueagePath=~5159.htm|5148.htm|5147.htm|5146.htm|5132.htm|5131.htm|5130.htm|5129.htm|4780.htm|5476.htm


the problem with this is the goal6completions shows a single row above for the entire report with the correct number of completions, but it does not show which of the landing pages are the ones that converted?


How can I see and compare various landing page version performance against each other?

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I did not realize I could just get all this from Behavior>Landing pages> then using the regex filter and setting which goal I'm interested in.    


I'm all set, leaving this here if someone else finds it useful.