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2.9K members online now
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Hi there,


I am trying to track 3 separate goals. The issue is all 3 goals have the same destination: /popup/enquire-success


The difference is I want to see this goal for new users, for returning users who were already logged in and for returning users who needed to login.


I know there are various approaches as to how to get this done (had some help on this forum already) but just wanted some clarity around the best approach of the options below (if indeed those are the correct options)

1. Custom Dimensions. Can you just create custom dimensions for the different user states? And then do you just view the one gaol with these different dimensions - or are you creating segments of the dimensions so you can still use the goal flow report but seeing it each time through a different lens or how else do you use custom dimensions with one goal to see various views?

2. Custom parameters. You would set these up if you wanted 3 distinct goals as you create unique destination urls from these custom parameters (/?registration=new). But in order to create these parameters - you have to create the custom dimensions right? So to do this step you still need to do the step mentioned above?

3. Sequence based segments. I took a look at this in GA by creating a custom segment but wasn't exactly sure how these would work because I can't see a way to create unique url steps in a segment OR would you simply combine a set of filters saying they have to be logged in, and complete x goal?