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1.6K members online now
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Help with BASICS

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Hello All,

    I am new to Google Analytics and have watched countless videos, but I keep getting hung up and lost within the applications. I am trying to accomplish a few goals but really need someone with experience to guide me through a few processes.

Goals I am trying to accomplish:

1. Link company e-mails from Mailchimp to Google Analytics and particularly see who goes to the website and what activities they do once they are there after being prompted by the website

2. Using Google Adwords

3.Tracking when a customer signs up for an account online, makes a purchase through the e-store, or signs up for the e-store, or clicks through multiple pages.

4. Send automated e-mail from MailChimp or Microsoft Outlook(whichever is easier) once someone signs up for an account online to thank them for signing up.


Please e-mail me if any of you can help!

Re: Help with BASICS

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Hi Stephanie,

Answering your questions:

Ad.1 - It's forbidden by Google to send any PII (Personally Identifiable Information) to Google Analytics. Email address is without a doubt a PII.

Ad.2 - I think it's beyond the scope of help you can get here. We're all trying to help when someone has a problem with Google Analytics. What you need is a training from the scratch. I would recommend starting with basics and then go up:
Alternatively you can enroll to an online training or to some SEM/SEO agency's trainings or hire agency to do all the heavy lifting. This is not something that you can do part time.

Ad. 3 - You basically ask to setup your goals on the website we actually know nothing about. I'm first to help but I think that is the type of work for Google Analytics consultant - I'd highly recommend to hire one on a freelance basis. It would quickly pay off.

Ad.4 That is the question for MailChimp/Outlook forum as you're asking about their possibilities to integrate with Google Analytics. Here you can find some information on integration Google Analytics with MailChimp:

Hope this answers your question.