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Google Analytics Goals way different from 3rd party DoubleClick report

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Hi all,

New to the forum here, I'm very curious on you guy's opinion on this as i have been researching this issue for a while now.


Our 3rd party ad buy company does display, audio and video ads for us. 

However, when they send us their reports on their conversions, it is always way different from what it shows in our Google Analytics.

I understand there can be discrepancies but the gap i'm talking about is huge - like 3 conversions in GA compared to 50 from their Doubleclick paltform.

We are tracking registers as conversions. So an event was set up on the register thank you page to measure it on GA using Goals connecting to the event. I'm told they are doing the same thing.


I tried registering it myself using their campaign UTM and it did show up in real time as a conversion. So now i'm even more confused.

Looking forward to hear from you guys regarding the reason to this situation.




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Google Analytics Goals way different from 3rd party DoubleClick report

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Hi Jyuu,


that kind of issues are quite annoying, I know. Try to differentiate if you and your ad guys measure the same metrics for your conversions, i.e. sessions or page impressions. Do they use correct UTM codes for your campaign everywhere in their network? Do you use just one UTM code or some kind of finer granulation to better distinguish between various campaign parts? Do they use the same time-zone settings when doing reporting?

Try to pin down the differences by choosing one day for reporting. Set up a flat-table custom report containing the dimensions 'landing page', 'channel', 'source medium', 'full referrer' and 'campaign' and try to look for any conversions that would match up your numbers. Maybe there is some traffic coming in which isn't correctly tagged.



Google Analytics Goals way different from 3rd party DoubleClick report

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Hi Christoph,

We use multiple UTM for various campaigns. The reports they are giving me are broken down in generic campaigns but not in UTM campaign. I'll probably ask for a more detailed report with the performance of each UTM campaign.

Thanks for the flat table custom report, i'll probably look into that. Problem is, since our product has a very long "consideration period" before our customer register, not sure if a one day report would work in such sense..