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Google Analytics Goal Setup?

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Dear Community,


I have a question and I hope you can help me out here.


We want to measure external clickouts in analytics. In order to do this we created a redirect page where we wanted it to "hit" the goal.


URL structure for redirect page is this:{clicked_website_exact_url}

- - is the permanent part
- {clicked_website_exact_url} - is a variable part


We want to measure two things here:

1. Total amount of clickouts

2. Breakdown of clickouts per website


I was thinking of creating a "destination goal" on the regular expression "/url/" to get the total amount of clickouts. Does that make sense? And what would you suggest for the breakdown per website?


Thanks in advance for any help.




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Google Analytics Goal Setup?

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Hi, M,


Sorry, it's not totally clear to me how you want to track your goals. Would you be able to clarify or provide more examples?



Nicky Yuen, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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Google Analytics Goal Setup?

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Hi Nicky,


Thanks for your quick reply.


So we have a website where we are referring to many other websites. We get paid on external click-outs.


So our website is, where people can search for products. Whenever they find something they are interested in, they click on a link or button. They will then go to a redirect page{clicked_website_exact_url}, which will automatically redirect them to the website that has the product for sale.


My idea was to setup a goal in analytics using Goal Type Destination with the Destination Regular Expression "/url/". Every time somebody would hit the redirect page would be a "Conversion". Correct? Or do I need to set this up differently?


I hope it is clear?

Google Analytics Goal Setup?

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The only issue I could see with the set up Molle is how quickly the redirect happens on the url/* pages. I would imagine the GA push doesn't have the time needed to fire. Here is the google documentation to implement outbound link tracking.

Google Analytics Goal Setup?

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Thank you for your answer Matt. Is there a time limit that the GA push needs in order to fire? We could maybe look at slowing down the redirect a bit maybe.


I've checked the "Adding tracking directly to your site" from the documentation link that you provided. The potential problem I see there is then that we measure ALL external clicks, also the ones that do not make us money.


The idea is that we capture:

1. The total amount of all paid click-outs (in order for us to optimize marketing campaigns);

2. A breakdown click-outs per partner with the demographic information per partner (also in order to optimize marketing campaigns).


Do you think that is possible when using the option from your link? Or would we better look into a "slower redirect" so that the GA push has the time needed to fire?

Google Analytics Goal Setup?

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Everything happens so fast, milliseconds, but each site is different as the GA push happens along with the other scripts that are also running. Are you using google tag manager? If you are it would be an easy test to see if the GA tag is able to fire on the /url/* pages. If not you can also use Google Chrome and use the Google Tag Assistant extension (free) and use the "record" feature. Run through a few of the clicks you expect users to do and see if the GA push happens as expected. Tag Assistant will record each time the GA push is fired and what the request was for (page view for example) and then you can confirm it is registering the /url/* page view. If that doesn't end up working I would implement GA with tag manager and then you can set up the specific clicks to trigger the push rather than the url path.