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Goals with funnels

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Hi all,


I've trying to set up in analytics a goal where a user views two pages or more 'excluding' a page called /case-studies/. Now im not sure if its possible as its combining two different goal types into one. But I had an idea that it might be achievable with the use of funnels?


I've written the regex needed to exclude the /case-studies/. But am kind of stumped on how to implement the 'view two or more pages' as part of the goal.


Hope someone can shed some light.

Re: Goals with funnels

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Hi your question is confusing

Do you mean any two pages except case -studies or two specific pages.
Is one or the other a suceess or you need to visit both.
Does the order matter ?
Does visiting case -studies exclude the session from the goal or simply not count.

Re: Goals with funnels

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Hi Oren thanks for the response.

"Do you mean any two pages except case -studies or two specific pages." - We wanted any two pages except the case studies.


I want a goal to be someone viewing any two pages or more (minus the use cases). The use cases have the permalink structure of /case-studes/.


The view order does not matter, and yes you would need to visit both pages (which can be any pages) to trigger the goal - with the exception of the case studies pages.


Does this make sense?



Let me know if you needed further clarification.