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Goals error. Steps not counting events.

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Hello, I'm having the following issue with Analytics.


I created a goal with steps (img 1). The goal seems to detect when the goal is "completed" correctly (when the destination URL gets reached).


However the steps inside the goal never get "hits" (img 2). I have checked if the regular expressions where correct for the urls in those steps (shown in img 3), and it looks as if the regex is correct.


Does anybody know what I'm doing incorrectly? Thanks in advance!


Img 1: Goal + Step configuration


Img 2: Funnel visualization report


Img 3 Report where I check if the URL in the step gets a match in the reports


Goals error. Steps not counting events.

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Hi Alejandro. Can you explain how is /p($|\?) pages registered in Google Analytics? Do you use simple pageviews, virtual pageviews or filters?

Why do you use #? Can you show us data?

Re: Goals error. Steps not counting events.

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Hi @jrosell, /p($|\?) pages are registered with simple pageviews. My implementation was very standard and straightforward, I just inserted the code in GTM for all my website. 

The "#" comes from the e-commerce framework I'm using (they provide the URLs). Here is a screenshot of the pages that are being registered with the word "checkout".