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Goals completed by UserID Acquisition source

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Im trying to figure out how to see the number of times a goal was completed, segmented by the acquisition source of UserIDs.

For example: How many users that were obtained by google|cpc have purchased something on the ecommerce store. And how many obtained by organic, and so on.

Is it even possible? How?

Thanks everyone!

Re: Goals completed by UserID Acquisition source

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Hi @Ezequiel B,

I am not sure about the segments through acquisition source but,
One thing you can do is to use sequence segments. With Filter include Users and Sequence Starts First User Interaction as source / medium == google / cpc

Google Doubt 28.png


Or use condition segments 

Google Doubt 29.png


Similarly you can create it for other sources.


One thing here would be these condition will depend on the Date Range selected. So if the acquisition source / medium, say google / cpc is within the date range selected, then only that user will be included. You can try using large date range.

Hope this helps,
Ritwik B