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Goals - Funnel visualisation

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Hi, I have a question on goals and the funnel visualisation.


First the context:

I have a 3 step funnel based on destination 

1. home page, url =

2. checkout page, url =

3. thank you page, url =


I set up the funnel using regular expressions:

1. Home - ^/$

2. checkout - /checkout/$

3. thank you - /checkout/thankyou/.*

Required is not set


However when i look at the goal in funnel visualisation on the home step i see people exit to the same page, shown as "/"

Same goes for the checkout step, exits show as "/checkout/"


I was wondering how i should read this data, does this mean that they bounce on that page? 
Or did i mess something up in the goal set-up?

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Goals - Funnel visualisation

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It's a loopback, please see in the document below:

Hope this helps.

Arnold Majlath, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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Goals - Funnel visualisation

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Hi Til, I'm wondering how you solved this in your funnel configuration in GA? Would it be possible to elaborate? Smiley Happy I understand it's a loopback, but the question in this thread remains how to solve it (other than changing URLs)