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Goal tracking - two different sites, two property numbers

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I have problem and I hope I will find solution here Smiley Happy

I have two domains, let call it and For a long time there was one domain for both countries, each one had own property number.
Now I have two different domains, each has own GTM container, one Analytics account, but own properties. In few cases user is moved from new site to old one (usually to fill in a form). So this is how it looks now and my questions.
1) Should I use cross domain tracking (as it's said here:
2) How should I set up goals (page visit) for new site - (form on this site)?
url: /thankyoupage.html
3) How should I set up goals for forms on old site that I could have data in my "" analytics account (example: on I have product descriptiom and button "download it". When you click it, you are send to site where you fill in form and download - I want to see this goal in my account).

Can anybody help me? I hope I explained it clearly - if not - ask Smiley Happy
Thank you for your help!

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Re: Goal tracking - two different sites, two property numbers

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Hi Moniq,

1) Yes, you should do that. Best with one common property and the corresponding cross-domain settings in the GTM tag.

2) With cross-domain tracking you have to set up a view filter adding the hostname to the page URL in order to distinguish the page views on both domains. Because of that, you will have to use page URLs as they appear in your page reports, that is

3) As usual - you set up goals with the page URLs as they appear in your page reports


Re: Goal tracking - two different sites, two property numbers

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I have one more question. What should I do:

B links to A, C links to A (B and C doesn't link to each other).
When you click button "Contackt us" on site (and you are redirected to form on (the same form is used by users).

A, B and C - has the same Analytics account
A has own property at Analytics account
B and C share one Property,
B has own View
C has own View
B and C share one GTM account and container
A has own account and container in GTM

Should I do this that way:
allowLinker - true (cookie - auto)
More settings → Cross Domain Tracking → Auto Link Domains:,,

allowLinker - true

If B (or C) user wants to download file, is redirected to A site. I want to track it as an Event - Link click. Should I set it up in A GTM account (tags and trigers) and events in each view in Analytics or should I do this in all 3?

I hope that I described it clearly. If not, ask Smiley Happy I'd really, really appreciate your help.


Re: Goal tracking - two different sites, two property numbers

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Hi Moniq,

Usually, one Analytics account per company, one Tag Manager account per company, one common Analytics property if same users visit several domains, and one GTM container/tag with cross-domain settings [1] tracking data for this GA property.

For tracking downloads you may set up an additional GTM tag creating a correspondent Analytics event [1].


[1] (use auto-link domains)