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Goal Funnel: Place Order Conversion not accurate due to repeat visits to goal page

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 UPDATE: The double counting is because of unique entrances to the order confirmation page for a given order. Still no idea how to avoid counting these. Besides using an Event as the goal? 


I've setup a basic goal funnel for placing an order.  The conversion is when the customer reaches the order confirmation page.

However, the final 'placed an order' number is slightly higher than the actual number of transactions.


I believe this is due to additional entrances on the order confirmation page - likely from a single user refreshing/visiting the page multiple times. 


Is there a way to avoid this double counting? 



I don't really want to setup an Event to fire when an order is placed. 




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Re: Goal Funnel: Place Order Conversion not accurate due to repeat visits to goal page

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Goals are unique per session, so no matter how many refreshes a page has, if it's within the same session, GA will record one goal only. Unless the session is expired and on refresh a new session starts and with it a new goal.

Ecommerce tracking, on the other hand, is a hit type tracking, that meaning the count will increase with every single hit. If a page has a refresh and the tracking is triggered, GA will record an additional hit.

Hope the above helps somehow, although it will not provide a fix.

Re: Goal Funnel: Place Order Conversion not accurate due to repeat visits to goal page

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@R Rodrigues is right. Duplicate transactions may occur if someone is refreshing the page, returning to the page via bookmark or emailed link, navigating to a different page, and returning via back button etc.


Sam, I recommend you to import this custom report to your Google Analytics account. It helps you to search for "duplicate transactions" pretty easily make sure that you have them.


If you have Transaction IDs that have multiple transactions, then you’re either:


1) sending in duplicate transactions

2) reusing transaction IDs


I have come across with this issue several times before.


Here you can find the instructions how to fix it:






Hope this helps. Let us know how it goes.