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Goal Conversion by Blog Post?

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The company I work for has over 350 blog posts. 

I'm trying to figure out a way to track the highest "converting" blog post. Conversion can be either a newsletter sign up (which would happen on the blog post) or a free trial sign up (which would happen OFF the blog post - they'd click to another page).


Do I need to manually enter each post's hyperlink in the "Funnel" section of Goals? 

Any ideas?

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Re: Goal Conversion by Blog Post?

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Hi - good thing to track.
Luckily NO you do not have to do 350 funnels - that'd be awful! Smiley Happy

Do your blog posts have a constant in the URL i.e. do all 350 have the word blog in the URl like:
If so then go to GA
go to Behaviour > Site Content > Content Drilldown
then you can go to the 'customize' option up the top left under "Content Drilldown" and add the type of goal completion you want to that report

then save it as a shortcut and you have this cool report on tap

there are lots of other ways to get the same thing but that is one way.

NB: also have a look at the section: Behaviour > Behaviour Flow

Re: Goal Conversion by Blog Post?

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David C, thanks for this! Luckily I did not begin typing in every blog post. I did get a good ranking of results with the Content Drilldown.

"Landing Page" means the first page a user interacted with in a session, correct? Does this mean that if they went and visited other blog posts during the same session, and then went to the free trial page to join, that only the initial "landing page" would count towards the Goal?


This might need to be a separate question, but I'm gonna go ahead and give you "question resolved" points for that content drilldown tip! Thank you!

Re: Goal Conversion by Blog Post?

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@Tim C thanks for that.


Yes landing page is basically the entrance page for the session.

So if you landed on /blog-page-1 then went around 10 other pages, then went to get a free trial, the goal woudl be attributed to that first landing page /blog-page-1.

[as long as the session had not expired by that time - default is 30 mins so unlikely to happen]


does that wrap it up for you?

Re: Goal Conversion by Blog Post?

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Kudos my man, yes. Thank you!