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Goal Conversion Discrepancy

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I am having an issue measuring the behaviour of traffic on a clients site. The site is e-commerce where users can purchase tickets for events and we are currently running A/B tests on pages to optimise for conversions. To track this we are measuring the rate at which people move from the Checkout page to the Confirmation page, in between these two pages is a secure payment gateway which is not a separate domain and is on the exclusion list.


We are tracking clicks on the "confirm" button at the end of the checkout page and also the number of people that land on the Confirmation page as a percentage of those that view the Checkout page. The button click we are tracking through GTM and view of the Confirmation page is a standard GA conversion goal. The strange thing is that within the tested time frame we saw approximately 1,500 unique visits to the Confirmation page (from the Checkout page - I checked this) yet only about 800 unique clicks on the button. Considering that this button is the only way to get to the Confirmation page how is this possible? 


It would make some sense if there were fewer people landing on the page than clicking the button as there could be drop offs on the secure payment gateway yet this is not the case. If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it!

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Re: Goal Conversion Discrepancy

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Hi Elexa,

just a couple of ways to explain this:
1. A person can visit the confirmation page multiple times inside a session or in multiple session (copy the URL, bookmark or something and then visit the page again even from multiple devices - this can happen if the system itself does not have tools to prevent it) - you can in some cases prevent this in a way to set a cookie with the transaction id on the confirmation page access so that each time a person accesses the page and the cookie is present the transaction tag will not fire
2. Event tracking can be a subject to a racing issue - meaning the event did not have enough time to fire as you are redirected to a PG page (try adding inside Fields to set, inside the the event Tag in GTM, transport > beacon).

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Re: Goal Conversion Discrepancy

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Hi Zorin,

Thanks for your response. I'm not sure why I didn't think of these before but we compared the data we had to the data collected by the e-commerce software and determined that the page view data is incorrect. I think what you say in step 1 is most likely what is causing our problem, rather than option 2. However, what you mean in option 2 about adding fields to set, would you be able to expand on this or point me in the right direction for a good post/tutorial about this?

Many thanks,