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Gah! How to properly value micro & macro goals??

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Hey friends!

Burning question here regarding GA goal values:


How should one properly ascribe values to GA goals in the (very common) case in which multiple micro goals all contribute to one macro goal?




1. content download
2. video view
3. webinar signup


Are the micros, and

4. apply now button clicked


Is the macro.


In this case, it is all about getting the user to the "apply now" button goal—but three other goals happened first.


Should we only value the big one, or also value the smaller ones, too? It seems that the recommended way is to value as many goals as possible...




If we value them all accordingly, we're effectively "double dipping" on the goal value that has been generated...!


E.g. let's say the value of the apply now goal is $500, and all these actions happen...


1. content download - $25
2. video view - $25
3. webinar signup - $50
4. apply now button clicked - $500


Now we have an aggregate GA goal value for a user of $600, who has only produced $500 worth of business value (not good). I could see scenarios where it gets even more tilted.


And of course we can't really subtract the value of the micro goals from apply now (e.g., nerf apply now to say, $400), because we don't know if people will actually complete the micro goals or not (it's not linear...).


This question has literally bugged me for years.