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GA only assigning a goal conversion to a referral source once? Why?

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Hi there - I hope someone can help


To cut to the chase our website (selling web-based software) offers a one month free trial (set up as an individual goal), after which users can then sign up to a paid plan (each set up as individual goals).


We have multiple referrers, and they are getting attribution for trial goal completions, but not for any of the paid plans that follow. We know that some of these referred trials have then gone on to take up paid plans - but they are not being attributed to the referrer. 


Our total number of conversions in GA matches up with our own in house stats, so the goals are set up correctly - they just aren't assigning the second conversion to the correct referral source. 


I understand there are a number of factors out of our control that could cause this (e.g. cookie deletion, returning in a different browser etc.) but this is occurring across the board and I'm wondering if there are any other potential causes for this within GA and the way it attributes goals to referrals? 


Really appreciate your help in advance!





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Re: GA only assigning a goal conversion to a referral source once? Why?

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What you are seeing is normal cross device and o rmulti channel behavior. You may be able to look at your sales goals in the multi channel funnel reports to see other touch points. That said, what you need to consider is to move past goals and use ecommerce.

It's a little complex but firing a transaction on the trial will let you record the transaction id and client id in your system and if you're users log in to convert to the paid version; you can then update the revenue via the measurement protocol. Then when you look at a date range in the UI that has both the trial and the payment, you will see revenue attributed to the proper source.

If users do not log-in you should still be able to tie them back to a unique record in your CRM and again pass the revenue update via the measurement protocol.

I've commented on recent threads that are similar:

It would take 10k words to lay it all out so I hope that helps!


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