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GA - Lost cross device conversions from none branded AdWords campaign

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I first posted this in the AdWords sectIon but it probably belongs here under GA goals and reports


I am running a set of AdWords campaigns for a friend that has a tailor business.


I have a brand campaign as well as a none branded campaign with keywords such as tailor made suit, tailor made suit + city name. There's a lot of highly relevant traffic coming in from the none branded campaign from the right geographic area, however a vast majority of the conversions are coming from the brand campaign. 


Therefore I am unsure if the none branded campaign should continue. I can tell from the audience report in GA that most users have many sessions before they convert (5-10). I also know that they are getting new customers to the business.


I therefore have a theory that some of the conversions come from users that become aware of the business via the none branded campaign but convert later via the brand campaign or direct traffic from another device. In essence I believe many conversions are not attributed to the none branded campaign where users became aware of the business.


I use an event goal imported from GA and I unfortunately can't use Google AdWords conversion tracking which would give me some cross device data.I track sent forms that unfortunately doesn't lead to a thank you page


But it's just a theory and I can't prove it. Is my assumption is realistic? I read that around 60% of all Internet shoppers start shopping on one device and finish the sale on another.


Should I just stop the none branded campaign since it's performing poorly on paper and is the none branded campaign useless? Or do I have a good case, just without the data to back it up? Is there something else I could do/ data I am unaware of?


Thanks in advance