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GA Bounce rate benchmarks for Display advertising

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Hi guys,

I hope you are well.

I have been running few display advertising campaign with different publishers (Real Estate sites, News sites, Lead generation networks, DSPs, etc) in order to promote two of our products (Home Loans and Car Loans). Yes, we are in the Banking vertical.

I would like to know the benchmark for bouncing rate coming from Display advertising.

At the moment we are seeing pretty high bouncing rates on GA, from 70% - 90% coming from our ad executions.

I am really keen to know the benchmarks for this type of advertising. Please note that I have read that an acceptable bounce rate should be between 25%-35% (generic benchmark), however the objective of the display advertising actions have been to build awareness and generate leads. We are seeing an 'ok' number of sessions but goal completion is low for most of the display actions. Other important thing is that the bounce rate is calculate on goal completion, rather than session. (not sure if this is right). 

We do behavioral and contextual targeting when serving ads in order to capture users that have the intention to buy a house/buy a car.  The level of engagement coming from display is not the same as SEM, so I cannot rely on information/example coming from Adwords.

Can any of you help me to find those benchmarks? I know there are many factors involved in the bounce rates, but having a benchmark will be a great first step towards setting optimization goals. 

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Re: GA Bounce rate benchmarks for Display advertising

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Great question.

I would say that a bounce rate of around 20 - 30% for organic or direct traffic, and indeed most non-paid mediums, is a good goal - higher than this and alarm bells should start ringing. Display advertising, however, always has a much higher bounce rate - in my experience. I routinely see bounce rates in the order of 80 - 90% when it comes to display and banners. Whether this is acceptable depends on how much they are costing and, like you say, what the goals of the campaign are. If the goal is conversions then maybe a rethink is required and budget could be moved to campaigns and channels which have a better ROI (e.g. adwords or investment in longer term SEO). If the goal is impressions then make sure you are comparing your impressions data from display with that of the other advertising channels you are running.

With regard to the calculation of bounce rate; I'm not quite sure what you mean by 'bounce rate is calculate on goal completion' . In GA a bounced visit is one where - in simplest terms - only one page is viewed without further engagement. You can refine this by saying 'a bounce is where only one page is viewed and no further interaction - of those which can be tracked by GA - takes place'. Bounce rate is a session based metric which usually means someone has only viewed one page of content. If you have recalculated bounce rate to include other interactions then you are no longer measuring bounce rate but some form of engagement. There's nothing wrong with that, but you need to understand exactly what it is you are measuring and why.

Finally, I would also recommend checking out the multichannel reports. They can also help you to evaluate the display campaigns by showing whether they have a role in contributing to a conversion by introducing a visitor to your website who later returns, from another channel, and converts.
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Re: GA Bounce rate benchmarks for Display advertising

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Hi Nela,

70%-90% is typically normal for display campaigns that don't use highly sophisticated targeting parameters. I would expect to see %'s in that range for anything being ran through the GDN. If you're using a more sophisticated DSP option to buy media across the exchanges, you'd have much more granular targeting capabilities and I'd expect to see %'s down in the 30%-50% range. Keep in mind these are just rough benchmarks given my personal experience in working with hundreds of advertisers over the years.