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2.5K members online now
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Funnel visualization date filter issue

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In the Funnel Visualization, There are difference in the data displayed for the date range selected and with individual date selected.

For e.g. if we select 7th-8th March, then the count is displayed as 35 for one of the goal.

If we select 7th March, then there is 21 count. and there is no data display for 8th March.


Data is added to GA goal and can be displayed with date range selected. the same is not displayed for the individual current date selected in the funnel visualization.


Also observed below important behavior for date range filtration.

we have checked in the GA for the date range selection functionality and found a way to display the data for the current date.
1. We have selected current date(say 8th March - 8th March) as date range,
2. Click on 'Compare to' check box
3. Select Custom from dropdown and select 8th March - 8th March date range.

and data started to display for the current date, in this case 8th March.


By default, there are no data displayed in funnel visualization for the current date without click on compare check box and select current date only.

Is this GA takes time to reflect the real time data in funnel visualization?

Funnel visualization date filter issue

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Hi Bhavir, 


The short answer is yes. It will need some time to reflect the results in the Funnel Visualization section. The section is useful for going back and looking for a longer time window for more in-depth analysis. 


I hope this helps.