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First Click Attribution Model and Its Relevant Accuracy?

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Okay so currently I run first a first click attribution model in Google Analytics. Its very insightful, but it is missing a major part and I'm hoping for some industry estimates to help me figure it out. 


Over 6 months I've had 230 conversions

Under a first click model, it shows:


80 paid search conversions

77 organic search conversions

53 direct conversions

... (the others aren't relevant)


Now, my issue is, people are not finding out about us through organic search. I can guarantee you that. Nor are they hearing about us and going directly to our site. We are a new company, have had no PR and are not featured on any blogs, news, or other sites that would generate organic or direct traffic. 


So my dilemma is, how do i accurately calculate my CPA in my paid search campaigns. Everyone that has found out about us has been through google adwords. 


Some assumptions I've made are: 

People find us on their phone, then look us up to purchase on their laptop. 

People clear their cache

People have ad blockers

People find us at work then google us at home


I am under the impression that these factors are the reason google is giving everything outside of "paid search conversions" conversion value. 


So am I right to simply take the ratio of 


80 paid search conversions

Divide by

230 total conversions

= 35%


**this 35% then implies that I can safely assume 1/3 conversions are tracked properly to their first click?


Therefore I can take my adgroups and multiple their conversions by 3 to find the actual CPA per individual ad group. 


And the overall effectiveness of my campaigns?


Best, N