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Events as events or goals

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Hi there


I am keen to set up event tracking on my website to monitor click throughs to my room reservations. I have multiple buttons on my site that all lead to the same third party booking portal but I'd like to track each butotn separately to see which has the highest conversion.


Is it better to set these up as events or to see these events as goals? I know GA allows you to do both.



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June 2016

Re: Events as events or goals

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Hi Cosi,

this is what I would do based on your analysis needs.

I would track each button click to the booking portal with an event, and I would create a goal for counting the overall clicks on all buttons to the booking portal.

Then I would evaluate the possibility to set a goal for each individual button, but only if the types of different buttons to the booking portal are not too many (GA has up to 20 goals slots available) and for this I'm not sacrificing other goals that may be important for my analysis.

Why also Goal and not only event? For three main reasons:
1) Because Goals are shown in most of GA reports, in the last three columns of the report
2) Because the goal conversion rate is calculated automatically for each goal set and shown in most of GA reports
3) Because goals conversions (along with ecommerce conversions) are shown in multi-channel reports and allow me several in-depth analysis for understanding the role of my promotional channels.

- Example of my labels for Goals and Events -

What I would do for sure:
- Events -
Category --> "Booking portal"
Action --> "Click on buttons to booking portal"
Label --> Unique identifier for the specific button clicked

- "Click on buttons to booking portal". This goal is aggregating clicks on all buttons.

If I decide to setup also goals for clicks on individual buttons (based on my above evaluation):

- Click on Button X (X = Unique identifier for the specific button clicked). This goal should be set for each individual button to the booking portal.

Hope it helps!


Re: Events as events or goals

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Thanks - very helpful

Re: Events as events or goals

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I'm happy it was helpful!

I wish you a great day,