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Events Attribution

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I'm wondering what kind of attribution is assigned to the sources of event triggers. I guess it's always the case that the last source tracked before the event fired is what will be tracked? 


So if I see a particular referral source assigned to an event, it could never be the case that, for example, the user originally came from there, then left, and re-entered via a different source before triggering the event? 


Thanks, Zak

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Re: Events Attribution

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Hi Zachary,

when you query for a source of a certain event (event dimensions such as category, action or label) it will be tied to the source of the session (the entire session where one session may contain multiple events). Changing sources inside a session currently forces GA to crete a new session.

Case 1
User lands on the site from google / organic > events are tied to google / organic

Case 2
User lands from google organic and does event type 1 > this event is tied to google / organic and then in a subsequent visit (session) the source is google / cpc and the user does event type 2 this particular event is tied to google / cpc.

Hope it helps.

Kind regards,
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Re: Events Attribution

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This helps, thank you!


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