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Event Tracking: What products were sold after each event?

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I'm tracking the event of many banners after each receives a click. I want to find out what products were sold after each banner click. Regarding the event tracking, all banners have same event category (banner click) and event action (banner click) but each one have a different event label. 


So I need a report that shows for each event label what were the products sold. 


What I did:

1) Created a segment with the condition: Category of the event = Banner Click

2) Created a custom report where I put the dimensions product and event label:




The custom report is working and showing the products that were sold but it is ignoring the second dimension (event label):



When I try to add manually the second dimension event label it shows zero products:




How can I correct the report or is there an easier report?


 Tks, Regards,