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Event Goals Not Registering On Setup?

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Hi there, 


I've tried setting up new goals on Analytics using the events that I've just recently set up. So far, I've had lots of hits for each event type however, when I go in and verify the goal tracking on my new goals, it says that there have been 0 conversions. Anyone have an idea why that is? Here is an example: 


My conversion tracking setup: 

Sterli - Mailto Tracking.png



And here is my goal setup: 

Sterli - Mailto Goal Tracking.png



Re: Event Goals Not Registering On Setup?

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Hi Angeli,

Can you check if there is any space character at the end/start of the goal or event which would lead to no conversion since goal is set to equal

Any filter applied that might exclude the email click data from GA

you can also change your goal setting from equal to matcheregex

Hope this helps
Noman Karim