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Enhanced Ecommerce - clarification on historical data

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Hey All,


Likely a very simple question, I just really want to be 100% confident to avoid losing all historical data. 



I've implemented Enhanced Ecommerce on a separate property, whilst still continuing to use the old property which contains all historical data.  


Now that the implementation went smoothly and the dev. team is more familiar with GA, I want to go back to only having a single property, as we are now getting data discrepancies from users leaving before both properties can fire.




To migrate to using Enhanced Ecommerce for a property, whilst keeping all historical data from before this migration, do we just need to create a new 'View' in the property, and only turn Enhanced Ecommerce on for that view?  And then the legacy views will no longer update with new data, but will still contain all historical data before implementing Enhanced Ecommerce for the property?


Final clarification is much much appreciated






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Re: Enhanced Ecommerce - clarification on historical data

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disabling e-commerce for a view will stop it from registering new ecom data but historical should stay in the view.
If in doubt, try with a test view?
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