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Enhanced Ecommerce Product List Data Problem

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Hi all,


I'm hoping somebody can help with a reporting problem I'm experiencing with a GA Enhanced Ecommerce implementation.


The problem arises when we view the 'Product List Performance' report and click into one of our product lists. This report details all the products that were viewed within that 'Product List'. The primary dimension at this stage is 'Product'. We have the option to switch the primary dimension to 'Product SKU'. We would expect when doing this that the metrics reported for each 'Product SKU' would match those reported against the corresponding 'Product' when 'Product' was the 'Primary Dimension'. 



Instead we're seeing large discrepancies between the 'Product' and 'Product SKU' when switching the 'Primary Dimension'. We would expect them to be exactly the same as both dimensions refer back to the same entity. I cannot understand why the reported data is different.


I expect there's a problem with how our developers have implemented something but if anyone has experienced anything similar and can offer any advice it would be appreciated.


Thanks for your help,



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Re: Enhanced Ecommerce Product List Data Problem

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Hi, Will,

Ideally, metrics under Product and Product SKU should be identical. The likely reason they are off would be because you may not be pushing the same information for all impressions, in other words you may have some impressions without the product SKU, or some without the product name.

Best to double back with your devs to investigate.
Nicky Yuen, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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Re: Enhanced Ecommerce Product List Data Problem

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Thanks for the response Nicky, I've fed it back to our devs. After a bit of investigating they think it might be a "high-cardinality dimension" issue. Although there are far less than 50,000 (about 1000) product rows in the report and my understanding was that the report had to surpass 50,000 rows for high-cardinality to take effect. Also we can't see any instances of (other) in the report which I'd expect to see.