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Email revenue attribution - Email Channel vs Top Conversion Paths

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I'm hoping someone can help me understand some discrepancies i'm seeing between the revenue attributed to Email under the Acquisition/Channels/Email report and what I'm seeing under the Multi-Channel Funnel reports.



So, just to outline what we're currently using. We run all of our email marketing through Klaviyo and all of our campaigns appear to be tracked within GA correctly. When I go to the Acquisition report it's showing revenue of ~$15K attributed to email, and I assume that's using last click attribution. I haven't been able to find out what kind of "look-back window" those reports use, as i'm trying to factor in assisted conversions but i'd like to know what to set the look-back window to in the multi-channel reports reports to get an accurate comparison. Does anyone know what that number is or if i'm looking at this in the wrong way?




Re: Email revenue attribution - Email Channel vs Top Conversion Paths

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Hi Griffin,
Acquisition report use last click not direct attribution, instead multichannel funnel use complete last click

Look-back window on acquisition is by default 6 months

due to the different attribution is almost impossible compare multichannel report with acquisition.
To see the difference you can go to attribution report and compare last click not direct attribution with complete last click.