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Ecommerce tracking has stopped working!

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Hi. I have been using GA for a few months now, and everything has been fine.

We have 2 shops with ekmpowershop, and they have a feature where you enter the tracking details and select to allow ecommerce data to be tracked (I did this months ago).

I logged on yesterday, and there is no transaction/ecommerce data since about the 12th of September for either shop!

I re-entered the tracking info on ekmpowershop, and checked everything was set up correctly on GA and on ekm. I've checked again today and still no data! We still have visitor data, it is just the ecommerce.


Please could someone help? And in very basic terms Smiley Happy

Many thanks!

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Ecommerce tracking has stopped working!

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You need to contact EKM support and tell them that ecommerce tracking is not working for your shops. If ecommerce tracking for both shops stopped working at the same time the problem must be at EKMs end.


Hope this helps.


Arnold Majlath, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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Ecommerce tracking has stopped working!

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I contacted EKM support...please see the conversation below!! I am still without ecommerce data unfortunately. Please help!



"Many thanks for your recent query.

I've now heard back from our 2nd line team regarding the tracking problem. As far as the implementation on the site is concerned everything appears to be setup and working correctly. The tracking script from the google tools feature is being inserted properly, and the cross domain tracking from the site to the checkout page is also working correctly, with the proper cookie values being passed from one to another. 

You may need to speak to Google directly about this problem for further information. Our technical team have raised the possibility that there are some outdated urls in your Google account that may need to be updated. For reference the correct format should be so any that show as starting with or would need to be updated. Please accept our apologies that there is nothing further we can do at this stage."


I replied

"You mentioned outdated urls in our Google account. Sorry I don't understand where these are, or where I can alter them. Please could you explain further?
Many thanks."


And received the following response

"From what I can gather they are typically used for things like goal conversion tracking, under the circumstances it may be best to ask Google if they can identify a specific problem that is preventing the analytics tracking from working correctly."



Many thanks for any help in advance!

Ecommerce tracking has stopped working!

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Could you please help again Arnold? I'm at a complete loss! Many thanks