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Ecommerce conversions are visible only in Google Analytics when using Measurement Protocol

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I'm currently using the Measurement Protocol to track my transations (I do it in the payment validation page, so I cannot use javascript).

My transaction hit and item hits are valid according to Hit Builder, and I see them in Google Analytics (I see 29 transactions today, when I go to Conversions > E-commerce > Overview, and I see the total amount of those orders in the same page).


However, when I go to Adwords inside my campain, the conversion value stay at 0€.

In Tools > Conversions, I see the line Transaction, but it show that the last recoded transaction was yesterday (the 13th).


Is there any reason why I don't see the 29 transactions that Adsense recoded today?


Should I add something in my hits sent via Measurement Protocol?


Example of hits sent:



Note: I didn't have any issue when I was using javascript to track my transactions. But I was tracking the checkout page and I wanted to move the tracking code to the payment validation page which cannot execute javascript.


Thanks in advance for your help!

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Ecommerce conversions are visible only in Google Analytics when using Measurement Protocol

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Hi Amandine,


You mixed in a few Google products in your post:  AdSense, AdWords and Analytics.


1st, using the measurement protocol may in fact work for you; however, if you are not collecting the client ID and passing the actual client ID as cid=  then your attribution will be broken (all transactions attributed to direct, for example).   If you are, then great.


2nd:  If you are reviewing the AdWords data provided by their conversion script, then you will need to also pass the conversion value to the pixel; however, it sounds like you cannot use JS so you'll need the noscript (pixel) version of the conversion coding and have to find a way to pass the same transaction value to it.  Something like this:


<div style="display:inline;">
<img height="1" width="1" style="border-style:none;" alt="" src=";label=xxxxxxxxxxxxxx&amp;...>


Where the value is 1897.


Hope that helps.




Theo Bennett


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