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Ecommerce Site Duration Report

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New to Analytics custom reporting.


Would like to make a custom report to view the average length of the visitor's first session without a transaction but the visitor returned a second time and made a purchase. I.E. New visitors that average over 250 seconds on the site are more likely to purchase if returned to the site within 3 days. How can I build a sequence or filter a segmentation to view this average duration?

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Re: Ecommerce Site Duration Report

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I can't resist an interesting challenge....I think this works:

You can get the Days to Transaction distribution from the Conversions-Ecommerce-Time to Purchase report.
Then create a new segment with the following Conditions:
Filter > Users > Include >
...Sessions To Transaction > 1 (restricts segment to users that did not convert on first visit)
+Add Filter
Filter > Sessions > Include >
...User Type contains 'New Visitor' ( restricts segment to the user's first session)

Then use the Audience-Behavior-Engagement report to check the Session Duration distribution.

Mike Sullivan, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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Re: Ecommerce Site Duration Report

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Interesting, 0-10 Seconds has a few but 11-60 Seconds is considerably low with a little increase at 60-180 but a significant increase at the 180-600 mark. While not overly surprising but from a website that yields over 500 orders a day it shows that remarketing to new users over 60 seconds might be ideal. Thanks for the quick reply will surely help my company!