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Learn how to set up goals and Ecommerce tracking, verify accuracy of attribution traffic sources, and discuss funnel visualization, Multi-Channel Funnels, the Goal Flow Report, and Enhanced Ecommerce
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Ecommerce Conversion rate shown as 0.00%

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In my account, I've two properties, one for country A & one for country B.

I can see the conversion rate (e-commerce) for country A but 0.00% for country B (although users and sessions date is all perfect).


Can somebody help me on this?


Your help will be highly appreciated!

Re: Ecommerce Conversion rate shown as 0.00%

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Hi Gaurav J,

Some clarifications:
1) Is each property collecting traffic from different websites?
If not, double check that you do have ecommerce tags set up to fire hits for each property.
2) If you are using enhanced ecommerce, can you see any other data such as product impressions in the reports?

Try to verify that the e-commerce transaction data is setup properly by performing a (fake) transaction on your computer to a test property or view and check in the network traffic for the hit.

Let me know if you need more guidance on this.