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E-commerce tracking transactions are credited to payment site

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I have a problem with the ecommerce tracking. All transactions are credited to the payment site, hence I cannot see where the transaction really comes from (CPC, organic, social etc.)


My webdeveloper said that I should exclude the payment site's domain under domain exclusions - I did that, althouhg I'm pretty sure that isn't the problem. Couldn't it be that the cookie isn't "brought all the way" through the conversion loop? I just need someone with a good argument/explenation or if anyone has an article about it that I can share with the developer.


Thanks in advance!


Re: E-commerce tracking transactions are credited to payment site

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Hi Rosa,
You can minimize self referral issues while using payment gateways. I used the word ‘minimize’ because often it is not possible to completely eliminate such tracking issues. I'm sharing detailed post about how and what to implement to minimize referrals from payment gateway.

***I was also getting referral from payment gateway sites but after implementing enhanced ecommerse tracking my issue resolved . I'm not sure about it but if possible you can try this***

Hope this helps.