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Do event based goals still have URL info with them?

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I am working on a site that sends GA events whenever lead forms are filled out (some of the forms are AJAX and don't generate a new pageview).


I'm trying to figure out if I need to go to all the work of creating a separate goal for each lead form, or if I should just create one goal for "lead form filled out". There are a whole bunch of forms, and I don't want to use up all my goal slots on just lead forms.


My issue/question in regards to the latter option is:


If I were to make just ONE goal (e.g., "Lead Form Submitted"), can I still somehow drill down to find out which form was used to generate the lead? With pageviews it's easy because you can see the goal URL, but is there a goal URL shown with event type goals too?


Thanks! If someone has another option/recommendation in terms of how to structure these goals I would be very grateful too. Robot wink

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Re: Do event based goals still have URL info with them?

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Hi Drew,

the event goal still carries on the page where the goal was completed - you can query for dimension Goal Completion Location for a more granular approach.

Hope it helps!

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