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Discrepancies between events and virtual pageviews

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I have recently implemented virtual pageviews so I can use them as part of a goal funnel. Previously, we had (and still have) event tracking on our website. The events are set to trigger when an outbound link is clicked. I noticed today that there are discrepancies between the two when I would expect them to be the same. 


Examples... (outbound click)

EVENTS: 53 total events, 38 unique events

VPV: 37 total pageviews, 33 unique pageviews (outbound click)

EVENTS: 17 total events, 14 unique events

VPV: 3 total pageviews, 3 unique pageviews

These statistics are from 3/30/2016.

Should the total events be the same as the total pageviews, and the total unique events be the same as total unique pageviews? If not, what is the difference between the two? 


I have added secondary dimension: Page path levels on the events report to make sure the events were not being triggered from other sources that I failed to set up as a VPV. It appears as best as I can tell that I have added VPV to all places where and are linked. 


Please let me know if I can explain anything more clearly. I am grateful for the help you can provide.



Re: Discrepancies between events and virtual pageviews

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Hello Austin,

I do not have experiences with VPV. But you should know that it takes somethimes one to two days to update all the data in your account. Therefore it could be possible that your data from yesterday is not up to date.

I would recommend to wait one more day and check you data of the 3/30/2016 again. I can only assume that this could be reason for the discrepancy. But unfortunately, I do not have a technical explanation of VPV to interpret the discrepancy.

Bye. Nils.

Re: Discrepancies between events and virtual pageviews

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Hi Nils,
Thank you for your initial reply. I have taken another look back and the statistics are the same for the virtual page views are still the same as my initial post.

Choosing a different date (this time April 4), I see similar results...
Example 1(outbound click)
Events: 55 total events, 37 unique events
VPV: 39 pageviews, 34 unique pageviews

Example 2 (outbound link)
Events: 6 total events, 5 unique events
VPV: 1 pageview, 1 unique pageview

Re: Discrepancies between events and virtual pageviews

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There's a few ways to set up virtual page views and events. Have you implemented both in the same way? e.g. if they are both there in the front end (e.g. onclick="") then they should both fire and record in the same way. Although you may see some marginal variance as GA is never 100% accurate. If you have one in front end and the other fire via GTM, then you'll definitely see a variance, purely based on the way each fires. One directly, the other through a container. What if the page hasn't fully loaded, etc.

I have always preferred events over VPV due to (in my opinion) GA reporting more accurately on events over pageviews.