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Determining How Frequently Goal A preceded Goal B

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Hi Google Analytics support community, 


I have a question regarding segmentation and reporting for goals. 


Assume that I have two goals on my site:

  • Goal A registers how many people signed up for a sweepstakes drawing
  • Goal B registers how many people placed an order for my product

Let's assume that Goal A has been completed 200 times, and Goal B has been completed 100 times. 

I can theoretically divide the 100 Goal B into two segments:

  • X = the number of times that a completion of Goal B was preceded by a completion of Goal A. 
  • Y = the number of times that a completion o Goal B was not preceded by a completion of Goal A. 
  • No matter what, X + Y has to equal 100 


In theory, if Y = 100, or every Goal B was preceded by a sweepstakes entry, I can make the claim that the sweepstakes drove orders for product. 


Conversely, if X = 100, or Goal B was never preceded by a sweepstakes entry, I can claim that the sweepstakes had no effect on orders for product. 


I'm not entirely sure how to do this. I think I can get 90% of the way there, but I'm a little unsure. 

To measure Y, I created an advance segment using "Sequences" as the primary filter:

  • Filter includes sessions
  • Sequence starts with any user interaction
  • Step 1: Goal A per session is greater than or equal to 1
  • is followed by
  • Step 2: Goal B per session is greater than or equal to 1

Then to measure X, I duplicate the segment, except step 1 turns into "Goal A per session equals zero". 


I'm not sure this is quite right. I think it's close though. 

Can anybody in the community tell me the best way to track the above? 



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Re: Determining How Frequently Goal A preceded Goal B

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Hi Neil J,

Quick question - are Goal A and Goal B both Destination Goals?

If so, I'd recommend just setting up a Goal C to track exactly what you're looking for (how many times Goal A preceded Goal B).

Goal setup: Custom
Type: Destination
Destination: Goal B's URI
Funnel: On
Step 1 Screen/Page: Goal A's URI

The funnel conversion rate for Goal C will be exactly what you're looking for!

Hope this helps!