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Destination URL is not under the tracked subfolder URL

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Hi Everyone, 


I manage a website which has has many different sub-folders in which all lead to a selection of different goals (Contact us, Brochures etc..).


We have one generic destination URL (Thank you page). 


As the company has many different entities and a huge amount of sub-folders which are all lead by different teams, we need to be able to track our traffic in specific views as well as manage our goals. 


As the desitnation URL is not under the specific sub-folder path, Google can not track the goal. 



1 >  >>> Will redirect user to  >>>

2 > So if we have a view set to track only >> There is no settings on Google Analytics to match the destination with >>>> 


I tested keeping the targeted views settings under the unique domain without the subfolder and add filters to track only traffic from the subfolder but the Goals still do not work.


Any advice? Experience? Help would be really appreciated. 


Many thanks, 




Re: Destination URL is not under the tracked subfolder URL

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Hi Liam,

There are 2 options that you can consider-

1) You can use GA event tracking on the download buttons rather than the URL /thank-you for the goal tracking if you would like to track the goals in subfolder filtered views.

2) or, you need to use the view that includes all subfolders and thank-you page. Then create goals starting from the different subfolder pages to the thank-you URL.