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Default Channel Grouping Settings - issue with the Organic Search

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I have added additional rule to the default channel grouping settings - definition of the rule looks like that:

Source / Medium [contains] google / organic.


Consequently, the volume of the Organic Search has fallen drastically; I assume its because under the new rule majority of the organic traffic (all google organic) is counted in the new channel. 



Has anybody experienced an issue like that already?



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Re: Default Channel Grouping Settings - issue with the Organic Search

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Hi Katja,

I imagine you were referring to the organic channel.

Channel group settings are normally used to make GA conform to corporate definitions. For example, I have a client that with business logic that defines organic as organic+referral+direct. In that case, we adjusted the channel setting for organic to include all three of those disparate channels.

In your case (it sounds like) you're redefining a channel as just one source medium as it sounds like you've left system defined then selected "AND" with the condition being source medium matching google/organic - so in essence you've redefined all of organic as only Google.

Hope that helps.


Theo Bennett
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Re: Default Channel Grouping Settings - issue with the Organic Search

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Hi Theo -

Thank you for helping me clarify the situation I've created! I can see now, that my description above was not very clear.

Let me rephrase what I did:
#1 First, I had the Organic Search definition with one rule: System Defined Channel < matches > Organic Search
#2 Then, I added the new definition with also only one rule: Source / Medium < contains > google / organic

After the second definition has been added, the volume of the first 'Organic Search' dropped.
I still don't know exactly if/how these channel definitions influence each other.

As I understand, multiple rules, that are set inside one definition, would influence which sessions get assigned to that channel. But can different definitions somehow mutually impact on each other and influence where (to which channel) the traffic gets assigned to. In my case: if adding #2 could influence the traffic volume in the Organic Search?

Thank you very much for helping out!