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Data discrepancies?

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I’m working on some reporting and looking in 2 different locations for essentially the same campaign to calculate Revenue & Order Quantity.


Conversion Value:Click Acquisition, Conversions, then I go to secondary dimensions to add “Campaign Path”, then advanced, select Campaign path and add my UTM Tracking campaign name to report “Conversion Value.” What does conversion value really mean?



To calculate Revenue I go to: Conversions> Ecommerce>Product Performance

Then I go to secondary dimensions and add campaign. The issue I’m having are they drastically different numbers in both directions. Also, I cannot find a way in this form, to add source to have it be facebook or social source only. For example, it has our email campaign information.


It would make sense to me if Conversion Value (under Social Contributed Conversions) so all campaigns that contributed to the sale was always higher however it is not the case. 


Any idea why the numbers I pull from the ways above are completely different?

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Data discrepancies?

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Hi Steffie,


Product revenue and transaction revenue are sent separately and typically transaction revenue will contain shipping and tax.  Also sometimes dev's adjust transaction rev for coupons but not item cost.  Hence... different revenue numbers.


I'm curious why you're not just using the source/medium reports.  You can get your revenue numbers here and even a per visit value.


If you want quantity you can just use a custom report like this one I just whipped up:






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