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Custom Metric for transactionTotal duplicated and multiplied

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I am using Custom Metrics to view a Conversion Value alongside a Transaction Value in Google Analytics Custom Reports.


For whatever reason, I cannot view this alongside the built-in metric for Transaction Value, so I am using Custom Metrics to pass this to GA along with the Conversion Value and using the Transaction ID as a Custom Dimension.


Values are populated in the DataLayer and sent to GA via GTM, the DataLayer variable for Transaction Value is 'transactionTotal'.


My problem is this:

1.) The figure reported as the transactionTotal is sometimes as much as 3 times the value of the purchase based on our own internal records.

2.) The built-in 'Revenue' metric in GA uses the same DataLayer variable as the Custom Metric I am having a problem with, but shows the correct figure if I filter to show one transaction.


Because the Custom Metric is a multiple of the correct figure, I believe that if a user refreshes the page the figure accumulates.



Reading various Custom Metric guides, I came to the conclusion that I had the 'scope' wrongly set as 'Hit'. However, having changed this to 'Product' I am now receiving no data at all in the custom report!


Would appreciate any help at all!

Re: Custom Metric for transactionTotal inflated vs. standard metric

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Reading this back it looks complicated so hopefully an example will help.

I have a transactionID which is ABC123
If I filter to view this transaction in standard reports, the value is £10.00
If I view this transaction in my Custom Report, the value is £30.00

The transaction value is using 'Hit' level scope and is sent to GA via GTM.

Custom Metric for transactionTotal duplicated and multiplied

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I have the same issue when joining adwords/campaign data with product data in a custom report.