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Custom Dimensions for placement targeting?

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I have structured my event like this for an affiliate website:


Category: Outbound Affiliate Link {Affiliate Links}

Action: Amazon {Brand Name I’m promoting}

Label: Featured Table {Placement where I’m marketing the product - "Featured Table", or "Banner", or "Popup", or "sidebar widget"...etc}


Custom Dimension 1: Click Url {The full affiliate url clicked}

Custom Dimension 2: Page Url {The page where the click happened}

Custom Dimension 3: {The position in the Featured Table - 1st, 2nd or 3rd...etc}


My question is this: Custom Dimension 3 only makes sense when the placement is a Feature Table. In other cases where the placement is a banner or a popup, custom dimension 3 will not make any sense. SO do you see any issues of how this is structured or can you propose a different way of doing this?


I really look forward to any suggestions on this

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Custom Dimensions for placement targeting?

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Hey Chris, 


I can speak for the implimentation of this custom event tracking but regarding your 3rd dimension, why would it be bad if it's blank? Your label will tell your the 'position' so you'll be able to see if the 3rd dimension is blank because its not on the 'featured table' or because of some feedback error. 


Hope this helps!

- Josh

Joshua, Top Contributor
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Custom Dimensions for placement targeting?

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Thanks for this. I understand completely. Do you think there is a better
way of how to structure the event goal? Just want to make sure there are no caveats of how I want to do this or how I can improve this.