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Cross Domain Tracking & Attribution

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Hi All


I currently have a GA Account  with multiple domains, each with a corresponding property and I need to be able to track attribution across the domains.

This has brought me to cross domain tracking however that requires all your sites to run in one property and share the same GA tracking code (from what I understand)


In my understanding this would ruin my ability to be able to view my reports for the individual domains as all the data would be lumped in together.

This creates a bit of a chicken and egg scenario as I need the data together for attribution but want to be able to separate it out for easy reporting.


whats the best way to achieve the following:

- Clear attribution across my domains

- Clear accesses to reports for each domain

- Clear ability to view each domains goals


I have come up with a few ways of achieving this although none of them really seem very elegant.


Apologies if I'm misunderstanding anything.

Any help or input would be appreciated 


Many thanks 


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Cross Domain Tracking & Attribution

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Hi Kian,

I'd recommend setting up a new property to add to each domain, then setting up filtered views for each domain, that only include traffic going to their respective hostname. You'll want to keep an unfiltered "Raw Data" view as well, in case any issues crop up.


If you have this tag installed as well as your legacy tag, you can then compare against the two views to make sure data reporting is accurate between the two. 

Cross Domain Tracking & Attribution

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If you need to be able to track attribution across domains, then yes, you will need cross domain tracking.

I would keep the current individual properties in place and then setup another new property which would also be added to each site and configured for cross domain tracking on each site as necessary, using a named tracker (a named tracker is required when tracking sites with more than one GA tracker)

I would then continue with cross domain setup with another view with the necessary filter that prepends the domain name to all request uri's, so as to be able to report on pageviews etc per domain and track goal with their original attribution across the domains.

This page has cross domain and filter setup information


More info on naming and sending commands to a specific tracker


Bronwyn Vourtis, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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